Masters Historic Festival, Brands Hatch

Single seat historic race car
Another month and another trip to Brands Hatch, this time for the Masters Historic Festival. Taking advantage of the full GP circuit the drivers were free to stretch the cars to their limits. The packed programme included FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship, FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars, Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars and Historic Formula 2. Plus other support races from CSN Group YTCC and a Gentlemen Drivers.
There was a great mix of cars, raced through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, included classic Formula One cars from Williams, McLaren, Lotus, Tyrrell and ArrowsThe endurance class featured some beautiful race machines, including icons such as Lola T70s and Ford GT40sPre66-Touring Car class included everything from Mini’s to Mustang’s, American Ford Falcons dicing with British Ford Cortinas. There was no holding the drivers back as the traded places at full throttle.
From a photography point of view, this was my first visit since the erection of new safety fencing on the GP circuit. I was a little worried, due to the talk on various forums, that it would be difficult to get clear shots. This new fencing is there to keep spectators safe. Yes, it’s a pain as your view as a photographer is obstructed, but there are ways around that. However, there are still a few spots with low fencing where you can get clear sight without the need for ladders. Two of those places are the inside of Hawthorne Bend, both sides of Pilgrim’s Drop by the bridge. Some of the new fences have framed slots cut into them, presumably for photographers to use. I found these slots awkward to use as I couldn’t track the cars very well. Shoot through the fences gave me the usual problems and I’m yet to master this technique.
It was a great day of racing, catching up with friends and taking way to many photographs. If you like historic motorsport this meeting, which might not be running at its full potential, is well worth attending.

Marshals pushing Dodge Challenger TA back onto the track

This beast of a Dodge Challenger didn’t make it past Druids on the first lap, due to a little racing incident with the Jagermeister liveried BMW.

Porsche 911 RSR

Two of Germany’s finest, but only one going in the right direction.

Racing Fords, Falcon verses Cortina

Racing Fords, Falcon verses Cortina – USA versus UK.

Classic Minis racing at Brands Hatch

Tail happy Mini’s blasting around Hawthorn Bend.

Austin Mini Cooper S

Billy Nairn driving has very clean, period correct, 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S.

Pushing historic formula 1 car through the paddock

Paddock life isn’t a glamorous as it seems.

1965 Ford Mustang

Cengiz Artam raggin’ it up Hawthorn Hill in his 1965 Ford Mustang.

Historic Formula 2 race cars

Historic Formula 2 racers fighting hard along Pilgrim’s Drop.

Historic formula 2 at Brands Hatch

Frazer Gibney in his March 76B

1976 Lotus 77

Emerson Fittipaldi’s 1976 Lotus 77 driving out of focus.

Peugeot 908X LMP1

Peugeot 908X LMP1 was a great sight to see, and hear, running around Hawthorn Bend.

Oreca FLM09

The bright Oreca FLM09 driven by Keith Frieser, Hawthorn Bend.

Datsun 240Z

The noise from this Datsun 240Z was amazing and it stuck to the track exiting Druids.

Porsche 911 and Ford Capri
Dagenham verses Stuttgart around Druids.

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