Brands Hatch open track day

Toyota MR2 sitting in pit garage

Another wet and overcast day welcomed us to Brands Hatch for this track day. Although you don’t know who and what might be running on an open track day, there’s usually an interesting mix of people and cars both on track and in the paddock. It’s a great opportunity to hone your photography skills, especially panning shots. Today’s biggest lesson though was that I need to invest in some weather protection for my camera and lens’.

Mini on track

Ford RS Focus, Paddock Hill

Caterham, Druids corner

Mazda MX5 v Honda SX2000

Citroen C1 on track

Peugeot 306 in the gravel

Brabham Straight, Brands Hatch

Mercedes SLK

Mazda MX5 in the pits

BMW 3 series sat patiently in the garage

Porsche 911 C2S

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