911UK Bank Holiday breakfast meet

Row of Porsche 911's

Bank holiday Monday and it was another early start to meet up with some of the 911UK crew at Westerham Brewery for a drive down to Rye harbour for breakfast. I think we had 11 911’s leave the brewery with the aim of meeting others down at the Bosun’s Bite. With the M25 shut, it meant the A25 was very busy eastbound and our cruise became two groups quite quickly. The wet weather, potholes and country lanes made for an interesting and spritely drive. We managed to keep our group of six cars together all the way down to Rye where we met up with the others.

The Bosun’s Bite is a small restaurant with extremely friendly staff who delivered us a handsome full English breakfast. With our bellies refuelled we headed back to the car park where there were a total of 17 cars, neatly lined up in the car park. Various 911’s were represented, including a classic 1972 911T, a 928, at least 4 GT3’s and plenty of Carreras and Turbos. Something for everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, this bunch of Porsche enthusiasts are a welcoming and friendly group with some very interesting vehicles.

911UK bank holiday breakfast meet up
Yellow headlight lens’ work so well against the green paintwork

911UK bank holiday breakfast meet up
996 looking great wearing a full aero kit

Green Porsche 911T
After a very wet run down to Rye it was time to dry off, a little

911UK bank holiday breakfast meet up
Lovely 928S transaxle Porsche and one of the many GT 911’s

911UK bank holiday breakfast meet up
This red 991 turbo stood out among the crowd of water cooled 911’s

911UK bank holiday breakfast meet up
1972 911T trying to catch what little sun there was

Porsche 911's parked up
A damp Rye harbour welcomed the 911UK drivers

Porsche 911 front view
Yet another glorious 911 ready to roll

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