Winter Stage Rally 2019

2007 Subaru Impreza N12B at the Winter Stage Rally 2019
Another chance to watch a great mixture of different rally cars racing on timed stages. It's also a refreshingly different use of Brands Hatch – how ofter do you get to see cars racing through the pits, the wrong way?

Colder, windier, but dryer than the last year, the MGJ Engineering Winter Stage Rally at Brands Hatch was just as entertaining. Having experienced this event previously (last years post), I felt better prepared this year. Both from both a photography and a spectator point of view. With nearly 90 cars entered this year’s entry list wasn’t quite as eclectic as the previous one. There were no Ferrari 308 GTB’s this time, but there was an impressive mix of different cars. With everything from WRC machinery to classic rallying icons, there was a lot to entertain.

Although I felt better prepared for this year’s event, I struggled with finding and shooting great images. At the end of last year, my aim for this year was ‘less but better’ – I’m not sure I achieved either at this event. With nearly 1000 images captured, these are the best ones. However, I’m not particularly happy with them, but in the interest of sharing and learning, I’m publishing them anyway.

With the results announced I thought it was interesting to see that the top 3 places overall went to the three cars with numbers 1, 2 and 3 – but not in that order…

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