Masters Historic Festival, Brands Hatch 2019

Lola T70 MK3 sports car
How often do you get the chance to watch historic sports cars running full chat on GP circuits? The Masters Historic Racing team deliver even more excitement by pitching big muscule cars against smaller-engined sports prototypes and GT cars. It's a chance to see Chevrons take on Lolas, Porsche fighting Ferrari, alongside Ford, Austin and many others.

This was the 13th Masters Historic Festival at Brands Hatch and we were in for a treat. Included in the program were FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship and FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship teams returning to the former home of the British Grand Prix. They were joined by the Gentlemen Drivers and Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars, plus HSCC’s Historic Formula 2 field and the varied Dutch Youngtimer grid. The full Brands Hatch GP circuit provided the perfect backdrop for some great racing.

Race cars on startline

Andy Wilson lines up his 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint alongside Simon Watts in his 1972 Datsun 240Z. US muscle against the more nimble Japanese sports car makes for great racing. The pesky safety fence helping to add a touch of interest to the image. I didn’t use a wide enough aperture to make the fence disappear totally, but it’s not too bad. I’m more annoyed by cutting the marshals head off with one of the wires. If I’d just dropped down a little I might have avoided this basic mistake?

Green Aston Martin race car

Beautiful Aston Martin Project 214 recreation, driven by Martin Brewer in the Gentlemen Drivers race.

Classic sports cars racing

1968 Lola T70 MK3 leading the pack down Paddock Hill in the FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars race.

Yellow Porsche

Mark Bates’ 1973 Porsche 911 RSR racing down Pilgrims Drop. The full GP circuit still has a few places with no safety fencing for uninterrupted views. I’m not sure how long this will last, but if you’re a keen photographer get yourself down to Brands Hatch before it becomes totally fenced in.

White Ford Escort race car

Mark 2 Escort with a wide body kit, levitating in the pits. I’m not too knowledgeable about Escorts but I think this is an RS1600. It was running in the Dutch Colmore Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge.

Red and white BMW

Adrian Brady’s BMW 3.0 CSI Luigi looked fantastic both on and off the track.

Classic Mini's crashing

Peter James’ black Morris Mini Cooper S receiving a helping nudge round Graham Hill bend from Andrew Cameron in the white Cooper S in the Masters Pre-66 Touring Car race.

Red and gold Ford Falcon race car

The majestic looking 1965 Ford Falcon, driven by C. Compton Goddard and David Coyne.

Red Mustang racing a Grey Mini

Mustang and Minis always entertain as they’re pretty evenly matched over the Brands Hatch circuit. One quicker on the straights, the other in the corners.

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