Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble, October 2018

Cal-Look Volkswagen
Our last chance of the year to visit this wonderful location. It's a great drive over to Oxfordshire, if you ignore the M25 that is.

October saw the last Sunday Scramble of 2018. Bicester Heritage centre welcomed over 5,500 people on a cold, but bright Sunday morning. It amazes me that this late in the year, as the weather is turning us enthusiasts are willing to drive our pride and joy to meet up and chat with others. As always this event attracts a great selection of vintage, classic, modern and racing cars to the former RAF base.

Orange Lamborghini Huracan

Factory fresh orange Lamborghini Huracan Sunday Scramble was one of many modern cars joining in the fun.

Orange BMW 2002

As far I was aware there was no official theme for this, the last Sunday Scramble of the year, but there were quite a few orange cars in attendance. Including this beautiful stock 2002 BMW.

Volkswagen Beetles

See what I mean about orange cars? These two Volkswagens were super clean, as was the Land Rover on the right. Everything gets mixed up at the Sunday Scramble and I think the event is a lot better for it.

Volkswagen Golf and Beetle

The old and the slightly newer. Classic and retro Volkswagens sharing the tarmac.

Gold multi-spoke wheels on green mark two Golf

This MK2 Golf showed a clean set of rims. It’s one of those cars that is just ‘right’. Everything was finished to a high standard, but not over the top. The car didn’t shout ‘look-at-me!’ but it commanded attention with its subtlety. There are more pics at the end of the article.

Turbo-charged Volkswagen Beetle

Home-built turbo motor hanging out the back of the 72 Volkswagen. Speaking to the owner this is just the latest iteration of this ride. He’s been learning and improving as he goes. The rather large turbo delivers up to 32lbs of boost when the loud pedal is hit.

Skoda racing car

Yes, the logo on that rear fin is absolutely correct, this is a Skoda. I couldn’t find the owner to learn more about it, but it’s easy to spot and I hope to track it down at a future event.

Yellow Ford GT40

This yellow, 1965 GT40 attracted more than just flies. Super straight and looking beautiful in the autumn sun.

Honda CB500 close up

This little Honda was subtly and tastefully modified. The metallic brown paint suiting its vintage and the finish was top-notch.

Multi-coloured Porsche 911

James Turner is the founder and director of Sports Purpose, a historic Porsche specialist based at the Bicester Heritage site. This is his personal project, a 1965 Porsche 911, prepared to race in the 2lr cup. With its unique Paul Smith striped livery, it certainly stands out.

Sweet little white Alfa

Not the most common colour for a little Alfa, but boy does white work well on this little beauty.

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