Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble, April 2019

Blue Fiat 500 classic car
The Sunday Scramble started off as a small cars and coffee event, now it's become an institution in its own right. Bringing together a real mix of cars, owners and enthusiasts – where else can you see a bare-bones 1920's Rolls Royce parked up alongside a Renault 5 turbo?

April bought us the first Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage Centre and always there was a brace of interesting vehicles on display. Last time I attended the leaves were falling and people were making the best of the autumn sun. Now the spring bulbs were starting to bloom and everyone was emerging from their winter hibernation, which meant a number of new vehicles I hadn’t seen before.

Whether you’re into bikes, cars, commercials or military there’s always something to feast your eyes on and usually plenty to spark a different interest for those with open minds.

Red Alpha

Since both @douzecoupes and @mooresj18 acquired Alphas I’ve started to look at them in a different light. This little red beauty was stunning.

Custom Harley Davidson bobber motorcycle

Frank Cassidy’s beautiful custom Harley Davidson bobber is a delight for the eyes. It has so many details that even after spending a fair amount of time admiring it, you can still find new things. It’s a real work of art.

Vaillant liveried Porsche 911

I keep getting drawn to Vaillant liveried Porsches, there’s just something about that colour scheme.

Bare bones Rolls Royce

This bare-bones Rolls Royce is a regular at the Sunday Scrambles and I love it. To me, it’s a full-on hot rod. Stripped down to just the essentials and wearing its patina with pride. It looks so much fun, probably a bit of a handful too, but I’d love to have a go. Although I’m not sure I’d want to do a winter rally in it.

Rat look grey Alfa Romeo

The Douze Coupes ‘Rat’ Alpha 105 Giulia 1300, it’s a little beast of a ride.

US military helmet sat on top of W45 Harley Davidson

Those that own military vehicles always appear to love accessories. Everything has to be period correct and this wartime Harley Davidson appeared to be spot on.

Indian motorcycles being wheeled out at Bicester Heritage Centre

A pair of beautiful Indian motorcycles. The one with white tyres is a 1930 Daytona Board Track the other I believe is 1030’s vintage.

1971 Porsche 911 at Sports Purpose

Sports Purpose had this gorgeous Conda Green Porsche 911 S-T up for sale. Perfect vintage, what with it also being a ‘71 model like me.

Crazy custom motorbike from Lamb Industries

Lamb Engineering wheeled out this wild BMX inspired ride, which I believe is based on an old speedway bike.

Red 1964 Ford Falcon

Cherry of a ’64 Ford Falcon. Daily driver? Streetcar? NASCAR wannabe? Who knows, but it’s definitely a great looking car.

Very low Mk2 Golf on wild BBS alloy wheels

Not sure I get the idea of mixing up split-rims, but they look pretty wild. The Mk2 Golf that was wearing then was super clean.

Race inspired, Rothmans liveried Porsche 911 GT3

Guy’s Porsche 911 GT3 is always spotless in its Rothmans livery.

Yellow Porsche 964 RS wheel arch

It was close-up shots of cars like this Porsche 964 3.8RS in Car magazine that first sparked my interest in photography all those years ago.

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