Stuttgart South, Croissants and Neuf 3

Air cooled Porsche 912
After what seems like forever, events and meet-ups are slowly starting to happen. are allowed to meet up again, and I'm excited to say we have another great location to share with you all. Stuttgart South third Croissants and Neuf at B Road Hunting Club, South East Countryside in Lewes all Porsche owners are welcome, regardless of model and whether they are part of a club or not. This is a laid-back event, with fun and car chat very much as the focus.
B Road Hunting Car Club full of Porsches

I was too busy chatting to capture many photographs, as you can see from the gaps in the line up. If truth be told I was more than happy to be waiting inline for my breakfast roll, chatting with people in the glorious sun. It’s been a while since I’ve been out and I had to make the most of being with other petrolheads. B Road hunting is in a stunning location and hopefully I’ll get back there soon.

Green Porsche 964 at Stuttgart South

How stunning does this 964 look? The deep green stood out among the sea of silver and grey later models.

Impact bumper Porsche 911

This little beauty was the star for me with its superb ‘Matchbox-Green’ paintwork – that’s not the official colour, just my description of yellow-green metallic colour that adorned some of my toy cars.

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