Squadron Scramble May 2019

Orange Ford Capri
Sunday mornings, get up early and there's a whole host of adventures waiting for you. This week I headed over to Essex with some of the Porsche GB crew for a gentle drive.

Another Sunday and another breakfast meet-up. This was my first time attending Squadron Scramble Cars & Coffee at North Weald Airfield, over in Essex. I think I spent almost as long driving around the airfield perimeter road as I did driving over from Kent. I hadn’t appreciated how expansive North Weald is on previous visits for drag racing events.

I joined a real mix of vehicles parked up on the grass. Everything from new supercars to heavy military trucks and a good few motorbikes too. As a Sunday morning run out it’s worth a visit if you’re not far away. I didn’t get a chance to sample breakfast or tea from the cafe, but others commented on how nice it was.

As my goal was really to take photographs I’m not sure I succeeded. I just wasn’t feeling it, again. Not sure why – maybe it’s ‘cars in a field’ syndrome. For too many years I’ve attended shows where all the cars are lined up in a field and I’m bored with that concept and uninspired.

Now I have to come clean here… at the weekend show I help organise, Grill-n-Chill, we employ the ‘cars in field’ layout for our show and shine. It’s hard to do something different when your venue is a field. Not everyone has the luxury of a setting like Bicester Heritage Centre. And I know I should look at this as a challenge, looking for something different, but I just couldn’t get into it. I mentioned in my previous GRRC Spring Sprint post that I wasn’t sure about sharing the images I did capture, but again I think I need to to help get over this slump I’m in.

Two Porsche 911 GTS

Impromtue photo-shot happed as fellow Porche Club members @npjeffery, @wallstart and others decided to park their 911’s in front of the large camouflage hanger.

Porsche 911's lined up
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