Out East Porsche, socially distanced breakfast meet

Autumn Porsche
During these strange times we can't get out as regularly as we'd like to. Driving solo, in your own car is safe and meeting up outside in small numbers is allowed. So the thoughts of an early morning jaunt over to East London, for an appropriately socially distanced catch up with like-minded folks was too much to resist.

Early Sunday morning and a pride of Porsche sit quietly waiting for the the last person to turn up. Why is it always the person that lives closest that always turns up last? Once gathered we headed off with a good mix of Stuttgart’s finest. Plus, an Aston Martin for company. Enjoying the quiet streets of south-east London over to the A2, the pandemic appears to have lightened what little traffic there normally is. 

Porsche cars parked in Chislehurst

Tunnel fun

The A2 is our most direct route over to Beachy Road, which includes the Blackwall tunnel. Which itself offers a chance to make sure exhausts are tuned correctly and performing at the required level. A little laddish behaviour can be tolerated now and again. One thing I did notice was how nice it was to hear engines revving freely without any of the oh-so-common pops and bangs or sneezes of dump-valves.

Once at Beachy Road, while the numbers were visually down, there was a good number and mix of Porsche cars parked up. This breakfast meet-up takes place on the third Sunday of the month and is one of two monthly events run by The London Region (R20) of Porsche Club GB. Keen to keep us all safe Nick was making sure we’d all signed in and scanned the track and trace code. It’s great to see people taking this pandemic seriously and trying to do everything they can so we can all still meet-up and enjoy our cars.

Photo opportunities

Beachy Road and the surrounding area offer up some backgrounds for photoshoots. Colourful graffiti-covered walls and hoardings to the mix of industrial warehouses and modern residential blocks, there’s something to suit all tastes. As it’s an area that’s been going through regeneration for quite a while, so each visit offers up something different. I found myself spending more time making the most of talking with people instead of taking photographs. I’m sure with some effort I could have created much better images, but I was too excited to see people that I don’t live with. 

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