Krazy Horse, London Lates

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With Park-It-In-Market currently not happening the Krazy Horse team decided invite everyone back to theirs. Offering us petrol heads a chance to chat and catch up with each other.

May saw another Krazy Horse London Lates event. A social evening that aims to bring together a mix of classic and custom bikes, cars and people. Based in Welling, Greater London, Krazy Horse has been run with passion and dedication over the last 20 years. They offer a wide range of amazing bikes and cool clothing and there’s always a welcoming smile when you arrive – usually accompanied by a hot coffee. However, on this occasion, Pistonhead had supplied a few crates of their Alcohol-Free Flat Tire larger for those that fancied a cold one. It’s good stuff too, tastes great and you can ride home safe.

A warm dry evening drew out a fine mix of classic cars and bikes with something for everyone. It’s really nice to see the different interests coming together. For too many years car and bike cultures have been separated. And not only from each other but also within each into sub-cultures around specific brands or styles. This led to many ‘my (insert prefered style) is better than yours’ attitudes, which does nobody any good.

Thanks to open-minded people like Paul and the Krazy Horse crew these barriers are being broken down with events like this, where we can all chat and appreciate each other’s interests.

Krazy Horse had both shops open late, offering merchandise, drinks, bike advice and genuinely good company – although this is true whenever you visit them, not just on the late’s. They stock some mighty fine clobber from the likes of Deus, Keytone, Saint, Pike Brothers, Red Wing, Roland Sands, Jofama and Belstaff among many others.

The team at Krazy Horse intend to run more of these late nights throughout the summer so keep your eyes and ears open for future events. If you’re out on a ride why not pop in and enjoy their great coffee and hospitality.

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