Indian Motorcycle Riders Day 2021

Motorcycle riders waiting in traffic
"How do you fancy joining us on the next Indian Motorcycle Riders day?" Responding with my usual reply, 'when and where?' was the only real option, wasn't it? With that agreed there was one other small issue to overcome, I don't currently own an Indian…

The original invite had come from my local Indian dealer, Krazy Horse London, and it was quickly followed up with an offer I couldn’t refuse. “Would you like to take one of our demo bikes for us?” While I  would have been more than happy to ride my Caballero Scrambler, somehow the offer of riding an Indian Scout felt too good to turn down. It also made me feel that I’d fit in better with the other riders on the cruise.

Meeting up at Krazy Horse London early Sunday morning allowed for me to swap over from my Cabellero to a 2021 Indian Scout and a quick catch up before we headed over to the Ace Cafe on the other side of London. 

Indian motorcycles outside Krazy Horse London

With about 15 bikes heading out we set off in three smaller groups, only to all catch up with each other by the time we got to the Blackwell tunnel. This made for a great cruise along the A12 and onto the North Circular. Now I can’t say that this is my favourite road, but it felt so different rinding along with others. The Scout may have far more chrome than suits my personal taste, but I cannot fault the ride. It’s my first time out on a cruiser for many years and I appreciated how comfortable this bike is and also how nimble it felt while filtering through slow traffic. 

Ace Cafe London

Cruising with the whole Krazy Horse London crew and picking up more riders along the way created a real buzz. There was a sea of Indian riders in front and behind me putting on a mighty impressive display. Arriving at the Ace Cafe always feels special, but today was even more so. The car park was full of all models of Indian and Victory motorcycles, there was definitely something for all tastes. Vintage, classic, stock to full custom were all catered for.

Pinstriped petrol tank

Already set up in the car park was the team from Krazy Horse Bury St Edmunds. Fresh out were their entries from the recent Indian ‘Project Scout 3K’ dealer build-off challenge. The funky chopper inspired Bad Company and my favourite, 24 Carrot – based on an Indian Scout Bobber Icon Gold complete with Café Racer tail seat unit.

Krazy Horse custom Indian Bobber

This day wouldn’t have been so enjoyable if it hadn’t been for the extremely kind team at Krazy Horse London. Thank you for trusting me with the Scout and all the great laughs. If you’re in the market for a new bike or gear, check them out, they’re one of the friendliest bunches you’ll get to meet.

Vintage Indian motorcycle

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