HR Autoworks X DKG Aircooled Show 2021

Row of split window Volkswagens
You don't get much for free these days, so when a new, free, car show appears on the scene, aimed at vintage Volkswagens it has to be checked out.

The teams behind HR Autoworks and Die Käfer Garage came together to put on a totally free Aircooled Volkswagen meet at The Jolly Farmer Pub in Godstone, over the weekend of  31st July – 1st August. I’d become aware of HR Autowerks via their Instagram account when someone tagged me in one of their posts. The reason for the tag was an image of my old Oval, which had resurfaced after a period of apparent hibernation. We all have those cars ‘we should never have sold’ this is one of mine. I’ve tried to buy it back a few times over the years and kept track of its movement around the UK.

Following the post I shared a  fair few DM’s with Jake, to learn more about my old Oval and share some stories from my ownership. During these exchanges, Jake mentioned that he and a few others were planning on running a show aimed squarely at early Volkswagens, stock and modified and why don’t I come along? Oh, and my old Volkswagen would be there too.

Agave Green 1957 Volkswagen

Currently, I don’t have an air-cooled Volkswagen on the road, but fellow Paintscrapers club member and long-time friend Paul Campbell was kind enough to loan me his 1952 Zwitter for the day. I couldn’t turn down this offer, plus, it meant that Paul could take Robin Allen’s 1952 standard Volkswagen too.

Rolling through the Kent and Sussex countryside in a vintage Volkswagen is such a pleasure. The relaxed pace, the comforting sound of the air-cooled engine and remembering to double-de-clutch all add up to a magical adventure. Thank you, Paul.

1952 and 1953 Volkswagens parked together in field

The show itself was a classic ‘cars in a field’ affair, but that is not a slur, far from it. This was, and is, grassroots. Back to where we all started many years ago. It’s so good to see that there’s a good number of the younger generation of Volkswagen enthusiasts flying the air-cooled flag. Jake had mentioned that they wanted to attract as many Split and Oval Volkswagens as possible and they succeeded in a hefty mix of completely stock and modified Volkswagens along with many other models from the air-cooled generations. As always, there were many Buses in attendance, but these were joined by Karmann Ghia’s, Type 3’s, early Porsche’s and a great looking Ford Econoline. Definitely something for all tastes.

I’d say the show was a great success on many levels. It was laid back, the people were super friendly and the cars were awesome. Here’s hoping that the team decide to run it again next year.

Robin Allen's standard 1952 Volkswagen

Robin Allen was a true historic Volkswagen enthusiast who we sadly lost a few years back. His 1952 Standard is now looked after by Paul and is used as much as possible, just as Robin would have wanted. Following XVS432 bought back so many happy memories of adventures through Germany. Here’s to you Robin Allen, Gute Fart.

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