Grill-n-Chill 2019, back at the Hop Farm

Yellow Volkswagen Beetle and delivery van
After last years one day show, we returned to the Hop Farm for a full weekend fun. Once again we were blessed with fantastic weather all weekend.

Over the years Grill-n-Chill has built up a fair reputation for a laid-back and fun weekend festival. We aim to bring together similar minded people with a passion for good times and great cars. While the show may have its roots in VW culture we’ve never promoted it as a Volkswagen show. Like many we love all things classic and retro and interested in anything that’s a bit different. So Grill-n-Chill is open to all Rad Rides from all marques including Volkswagens, Porsches, Classic Cars, Hot Rods & Kustoms.  

Cars on display at the Hop Farm

Sunday is Show-n-Shine day and by 09:30 it’s usually full with a great mix of rides. Grill-n-Chill is definitely at the grass-roots end of the scale, welcoming everybody. The whole event is run and hosted by the Paintscrapers Volkswagen Club and the members go above and beyond to make sure everyone enjoys their weekend. It’s a huge team effort, which would not be possible without help from club members. And because the team are so welcoming this really is a family affair, we’re even happy to see your dogs too.

Hand lettered trophies by Von Dirk

For me this is event isn’t about the photography, I’m too busy running around so get time for some quick snap-shots. Leading up to Grill-n-Chill I’m busy painting all the trophies. This year I’d scored a couple of shop mannequins which were perfect canvases for a spot of pinstriping and hand lettering. Along with some longboards and beer caddies, all made fro a good selection of prizes for our show winners. 

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