Exclusively Porsche

Porsche rear ends

Beautiful weather teased out quite a few people for the May edition of Exclusively Porsche, which meant it was going to be a busy meet-up. I arrived a little late and was greeted by a throng of stunning Porsche’s and a few other classics for added interest. From Simon Moore’s beautiful 356 coupé, Toby’s 912 and a few 718’s representing the flat 4’s and various air-cooled 911’s plus a brace of watercoolers representing the flat 6’s – there really was something for everyone. It was also nice to see some other classics joining in the summer sun, such as the wonderful Triumph Herald and Paul Campbell’s 1953 VW ‘Zwitter’.

Exclusively Porsche meeting

Nice Triumph Herald mixing it up with the Porsches

Colbolt blue pops in the sun, but I really need to clean those tailpipes…

Beautiful clear sky and great cars.

Air-cooled fun in the sun.

How to tell the difference between a 996, 997, 991.

From the simple 356 to the complex 911 GT3, both are outstanding fun.

Unmistakable nose of a 911 GT3.

GT4 Cayman shining in the summer sun.

Until the next time…

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