American Speedfest VI

NASCAR racing at Brands Hatch

The title of this event is pretty explanatory, as it exists to celebrate everything American. American motorsport, classic cars, food and delivers all the pomp and grandeur you’d expect. This is true Americana, don’t mix it up with nostalgia, this is more about the red, white and blue then period correct hot rods. Think ‘screaming eagle’ and NASCAR rather and you’re on the right track. The organisers put on one hell of a show and really go the extra mile with showmanship. They even had a Donald Trump lookalike fly in and open the event, and just like the real one he was booed and cheered in equal amounts. The organisers bill this as a family event and it truly is, it really does have something for every age, both on and off the track. Whether you have an interest in the whole Americana thing or just the cars then I recommend attending American Speedfest next year.

Nas car Whelen Euro Series cars racing at Brands Hatch

Anyway, I was there for the cars and there was a huge selection ranging from homegrown hot rods to full-on NASCAR Whelen Euroseries cars out on the track. And what a sight they were thundering around Brands Hatch Indy circuit. The noise hits you in the chest as the cars speed past, these races are definitely the highlight of the race schedule.

Nas car Whelen Euro Series car racing at Brands Hatch

Beast of a Mustang NASCAR, Days of Thunder – in Kent.

Nas car exiting Druids bend at Brands Hatch race curcuit

Although brutishly purposeful, these NASCAR’s are pretty nimble too, but the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit is pretty demanding on them. Just look at the role as this Mustang exits Druids heading fro Grahm Hill bend.

Mechanics working on an orange nas car in garage

Last minute wheel checks in one of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series garages.

Mechanic working on blue nas car in garage

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series garage action, as a mechanic makes final gaffer-tape adjustments.

Inside view of the Wall of Death

The Demon Drome crew were in attendance with their Wall of Death. Originally built in the 1920’s, it was restored and revived by the current owners over a three year period starting in 2003. Now the Demon Riders cheat gravity to indulge our senses in the sound and smell of 1920’s Indian motorcycles, risking life and limb for our pleasure. If you’ve never witnessed a wall of death you must check it out when you get a chance.

Wall of death rider 'The Duke'

The Duke, ever the showman @demondrome

Austin seven driving around a wall of death

Four wheels up on the Wall of Death, the Demon Drome crew are always entertaining.

Front view of green and black Plymouth Road Runner

Muscle car or show car? You decide, but this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was no trailer queen. The paint was flawless, the green and black combo worked a treat in the summer sun.

Rear light of green and black Plymouth Road Runner

Every detail on this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was spot on.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Just for a comparison, here’s what 1968 Plymouth Road Runner rear lights look like. Yes, I’m being a buffer, but it’s all about the details.

Orange Dodge Charger

Beautifully clean 1970 Dodge Charger 500 and so refreshing to see one without a Confederate flag on the roof and 01 on the doors. However, if that’s your thing then there were also a couple of Dukes of Hazzard clones on display too. Along with many other stars of TV and cinema fame.

Rear view of a 1960 Chevy Impala

Cool pinstriping on the sunburnt trunk of this 1960 Chevy Impala.

Race crash helmet hanging from car mirror

You got a helmet?

Red 1965 Ford Mustang in the pits at Brands Hatch

Think this ’65 Mustang could do with a whack from the lowering stick.

Historic F1 pit crew members discussing tactics

Historic F1 pit crew talk.

Legends race cars at Paddock Hill Bend

Paddock Hill is such a great first corner, Legends tightly packed on their first lap.

Legends race cars

BARC Legends may be small, but they don’t hang around.

Wrecked legend race car

Someone’s day didn’t end well, time for a rebuild.

Twin turbo V8 engine

More pipes than a plumbers van on this wild twin turbo EFI V8.

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