911UK February Breakfast Meet

Martini striped Porsche 964

The 911 was woken from its slumber to deliver us to our first breakfast meet of the year. The roads round to Badgers Mount are not the most exciting to drive, mainly the A2 and M25, but this car puts a smile on my face whatever road I’m on. Pulling in to the Toby Carvery we were greeted with an impressive line up of Porsche machinery. This was the first time I’d met up with the 911uk.com crowd and what a friendly bunch they are.

You’d think that after all these years attending car and bike events we’d all be hardened to standing around a cold car park, early in the morning. Even the bright sun and interesting people could keep our minds off the breakfast buffet awaiting us inside.

Once fed it was back to the cars. Such a great mix too, not only 911’s but many Cayman’s and Boxsters too. Stories were shared and plans were made. We plan to make this a regular breakfast date.

Rubine Red Porsche 964

Lovely Rubine Red 964 at today’s @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsches all lined up

Porsches all lined up @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsche 996 on a frosty morning

Porsche 996 on a frosty @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsche rear wings

Got wing? @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Purposeful front ends @porsche911uk breakfast meet last weekend

Porsche GT2

Porsche GT2 in the morning sun @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche Cayman GT4 @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsche 964

Porsche 964 details

Porsche on a frosty morning

Porsche on a frosty @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsche 911 details

Porsche 911 details @porsche911uk breakfast meet

Porsche parking

Porsche parking @porsche911uk Kent breakfast meet

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