Grill-n-Chill ‘Lite’ 2018

Usually, Grill-n-Chill is a full weekend event, but for reasons, this years event was a one-day affair – hench the ‘Lite’ tag. Thankfully this didn’t deter people from coming. In advance, most people were disappointed it wasn’t the full event they were used to and some were not sure about our choice of venue either. However, the Cyclopark Gravesend proved not only to be a superb venue, but the staff were all extremely helpful and made our event a pleasure to put on.

The sun shone and people turned up in a truly eclectic mix of rides. Although our roots are firmly in the air-cooled VW scene we love all things classic and retro. As you can see from the photos we certainly attracted a varied selection of rad rides.

We had the whole venue to play with and lined the vehicles around the track, which made a refreshing change to the ‘cars-in-a-field’ format. Feedback over the day suggested everyone appreciated this new style show. Although there was one person not happy at the lack of VW Caddy pick-ups in attendance, we can’t please everyone all the time and suggested he build one and bring it along next year…

Volkswagen Oval

Right hand drive Ovals were everywhere at Grill-n-Chill Lite.

Marlboro livered BMW 2002 race car

Ex-Paul Knight (@ss9design) BMW 2002, looking a lot different and a whole lot more honest too…

Late 50's VW Beetle

If slammed cars are your thing, then this brown Bug was spot on.

Chevy Apache

Awesome, lowered Chevy Apache pick up rollin’ into Grill-n-Chill Lite.

Split Screen Beetle

Gavin’s spotless Split Bug hides a potent punch under the stock bodywork – 2ltrs of air-cooled tomfoolery to be percise.

Mark 3 Golf, lowered, on BBS rims

This super straight and clean Mk3 Golf was impressive.

Red 1971 Beetle on chrome sprint star wheels

This red 71 Bug has been a regular at Grill-n-Chill for years, we’re so grateful for your continued support.

Red bay window camper and Type 4 van

Old and new(ish) – a camper is a camper.

VW SplitScreen double cab pick up

Amazingly clean Split Screen double cab pick up.

Porsche 944 and 356

Porsche 944 or 356, which would you choose?

Turbo powered Oval race car

Although only a static show, we still attract some outrageously quick drag focused cars. Like @james100wotton and his street-legal pro turbo Oval Bug.

Cards on the table, I’m one of the organisers of this event, so I may be a little biased, but I think the new venue and format worked a treat. The people, the venue and the weather all worked perfectly to create a great one day show. Next year, keep September 13-15th clear and come visit Grill-n-Chill at the Hop Farm, we’ll be back to a full weekend event too.

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