Goodwood Revival 2018, part 1 – Friday

Red 1963 Ferrari 330 GTO at Goodwood Revival
A three-day festival celebrating the sights and sounds of road racing cars and motorcycles that would have competed during the circuit's hay day period of 1948–1966.

It may be hard to believe, but this was my first visit to the Goodwood Revival. The opening line from the program states “There’s so much more to the Goodwood Revival than just racing” and they’re so right. If you’ve any interest in classic cars or historic motorsport then you’ll be aware of the Revival, it’s been running for 20 years, and it’s an event I’d had in my sights for a long time. Quite why it’s taken me so long to actually attend the event I’m not sure. However, after my experience this year, I think I’ll be back for sure.

Once again this was going to be a solo trip for me, looking to lose myself in an intoxicating, selfish couple of days photographing cars, bikes and people. I’d booked tickets for Friday and Saturday and planned to stay at the same little pub as I had for Festival of Speed earlier in the year, so I didn’t have to make the trip twice.

Early morning steam train

Driving the 911 down to Goodwood is always around 85 miles of pleasure, even if it does mean a 05:30 alarm call to beat the M25 traffic. Parked up in day parking you’re directed through the ‘Over the Road’ area. This contains enough entertainment to keep one amused without even seeing the race track, but I was too keen to get into the circuit to really take it in at this point. Nearly every person is in period attire, with many periods covered. While some don a tweed jacket and flat cap, others go to town and you could easily just spend your time people watching – everyone looked amazing.

Red AC Cobra

Even without the correct pass to get into the paddock, you can still get really close to the action. It may mean leaning over fences and jostling for a position with other keen photographers, but there’s plenty of space. The motorbike paddock is even more open. Both cars and bikes are pushed through the crowds, so there’s always a moment to catch.

Mechanic pushing Vincent motorbike
Mechanic pushing a 1950 Vincent Black Shadow through the crowds.
Lancia Aurelia being pushed through the Goodwood Revival pits
Crowd control clearing a path for this lovely 1953 Lancia Aurelia B20GT to make its way down to parc ferme.
Blue 1948 Chevy pick up
This might not be how you want to end your practice session, but I can't think of a more stylish way to be carried home.
Hot Rod interior

Thankfully, the Goodwood Revival opens its doors to all manner of motoring, which means you get to enjoy classic Americana, Customs and wild Hot Rods in Gasoline Alley. Check out the top-notch metalwork details in this dash such as the Chrysler FirePower logo let into this dash and that crazy throttle linkage.

Racing Fiat Delfino
Shark nosed Stanguellini-Fiat Delfino from 1962 out on track in the Chichester Cup practice session.
Motorbikes in the paddock garages at Goodwood

Bikes get a partial strip down between races. The open paddocks really help to make you feel part of the whole event. Where else can you get this close to the action?

Grey Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing coupe
This 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing looked super tough.
Silver Porsche 904

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve really got a thing for Porsches little 904 Carrera GTS’. They’re perfectly proportioned and look great from every angle.

Dark grey Ferrari

After dismissing them for many years, I’m finally beginning to understand the appeal of a Ferrari.

Ferrari 250 GTO

And out on track the Ferrari 250 GTO’s looked stunning. Those sweeping curves and the sound of that v12 engine are sheer beauty. Although to me, still not quite as inspiring as an air-cooled boxer engine.

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