750 Motor Club Brands Hatch

Austin Seven Special racer car

Following on from the hearty 911UK breakfast earlier, we took a short drive over to Brands Hatch to watch a fantastic mix of club racers. The line-up of vehicles racing included the 5Club MX-5 Cup, 750 Formula, Classic Stock Hatch, Formula Vee, Historic 750 Formula, Hot Hatch, Locost, Toyota MR2, RGB Sports 1000, Roadsports and Sports Specials. Quite an eclectic line up which certainly made interesting viewing. Another great feature of these lower formula events is full access to the paddock and pit areas, which is great for photographers.

I use this openness to try capturing as much as I can, trying to tell a story about the event. Although I think I may still be trying too hard to shoot the cars, rather than capture the atmosphere. Maybe my images do tell a story? I’ll let you all be the judge of that.

750 Motor Club
First lap fun at Druids in the 750 Club Hot Hatch championship.

A bumper hanging off doesn’t slow you down.

This Formula V will need a bit more than a tweak to be back on track.

Paddock conversations around this awesome little racer.

Paddock chat around this Vincent Single powered racer. originally from Australia. The owner/driver used to watch it race as a young lad. Always good to hear stories behind the cars.

Awesome 911 looked like it’s been driven properly, wearing its battle scars with pride. Dash was full of well-used rally equipment.

Rubber band suspension on this Vicent powered racer, better than springs apparently.

This little racer reminds me of the wonderful Auto Union Type C & D cars, albeit a lot smaller.

Tiny Austin Seven special cockpit, small, simple, what more do you need?

Check the electric cut-off switch on this vintage Austin Seven Special racer.

Owner/driver Christian Pedersen waiting for his next Historic 750 Formula race.

Clutch problems hampered Michael Harvey’s Austin.

Should have gone before he started the race.

Tiny Austin Special, I’d love to take one for a spin round the track, not literally though.

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