Deutsche Fest 2018

German look VW Beetle

Returning for the second year, Deutsche Fest aimed to celebrate all German manufactured vehicles. This year though, they had teamed up with Heritage Parts Centre to bring us a whole weekend of activities. Saturday featured the Heritage takeover – a full track day for German cars only, plus displays and evening entertainment. With Sunday came a full race line-up, club displays, and Deutsche Fest Awards. All the ingredients were there for a perfect weekend – cars, clubs, racing and an amazing venue, but something seemed to be lacking this year. I know first hand that it takes a lot to put on a car show, and it’s even more effort if you include racing of any kind, I take my hat off to the Deutsche Fest team for putting in so much effort. There wasn’t anything wrong, I really don’t have a bad word to say, I just wasn’t feeling it this year and it probably shows in my photos. I’m sure next year will be awesome, if you like German cars then make sure you visit and support the Deutsche Fest team.

Flatnose 997 Porsche in Rothmans livery
This outrageous 997 from Reflex Auto Design makes me have silly thoughts about mine…

Gold wheels
Quietly waiting their turn to make noises out on the track.

BMW in the pits at Brands Hatch
Heritage Takeover was a full German car track day, with many stretching the leg of their daily drivers.

Teaching Sam to drift
Darren giving Sam some useful tips in the drifting area.

VW Beetle drifting
Drifting in a VW Beetle is not easy, Sam Bradley was pushing ‘Elinor’ as much as he could.

Turbo powered 1956 Oval VW Beetle
Darren Claggett and his multi-use Bug in drift mode. Hopefully have a full feature on Darren’s bug real soon.

Historic F1 race cars
Historic F1 cars were out on track in demo mode, but no-one told the drivers

BMW M3 racing
That moment when you feel something is going to happen. Kevin Dengate taking a lot of kerb on Paddock Hill bend in his red BMW E46.

Start of crash
…but Kevin gets away with it. However, the silver #85 car of Nigel Ralphson starts to lose it.

BMW M3 racing
OK, he’s got it back under control…

BMW M3 racing
Maybe not.

BMW M3 racing at Brands Hatch
Oops, taking out the 33 car of Luke Sedzikowski.

Bumpers flying off BMWs
Looks like it might be game over for Nigel Ralphson and his BMW E46 M3.

Crashing BMW
Nigel Ralphson heading for the kitty litter

BMW crash
There’s a lot of parts flying off that BMW…

BMW crash
There’s a lot of parts flying off that BMW.

BMW falling to pieces
The further into the gravel Nigel gets, the more his car is disintegrating.

BMW in the kitty litter
He’s got to stop soon.

Stones flying up from BMW crash
It’ll take a while to clear all those stones from the car.

BMW covered in stones
Not done yet, there’s still plenty of gravel to shift.

BMW crash
Nigel’s nearly backwards in the gravel, but still going.

Driver leave crashed BMW
…and rest. Definitely game over as Nigel Ralphson exits stage right.

Fast moving BMW M3 race car
Julian McBride’s BMW E46 M3.

Tegiwa M3 Cup action on track
BMWs fight it out on Paddock Hill in the Tegiwa M3 Cup.

Blue BMW in Tegiwa M3 Cup
Michael Tunmore BMW 330.

Tegiwa M3 Cup action on track
BMW M3 Cup car brightening up the track.

BMW M3's racing at Brands Hatch
Tegiwa M3 Cup action was very entertaining with it’s close racing.

Motion shot of BMW M3
I’m still working on the motion shots, through the fence too. Kevin Dengate in his BMW E46.

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