Winter Stage Rally 2019

Colder, windier, but dryer than the last year, the MGJ Engineering Winter Stage Rally at Brands Hatch was just as entertaining. Having experienced this event previously (last years post), I felt better prepared this year. Both from both a photography and a spectator point of view. With nearly 90 cars entered this year’s entry list wasn’t quite as eclectic as the previous one. There were no Ferrari 308 GTB’s this time, but there was an impressive mix of different cars. With everything from WRC machinery to classic rallying icons, there was a lot to entertain.

Although I felt better prepared for this year’s event, I struggled with finding and shooting great images. At the end of last year, my aim for this year was ‘less but better’ – I’m not sure I achieved either at this event. With nearly 1000 images captured, these are the best ones. However, I’m not particularly happy with them, but in the interest of sharing and learning, I’m publishing them anyway.

With the results announced I thought it was interesting to see that the top 3 places overall went to the three cars with numbers 1, 2 and 3 – but not in that order…

Peugeot 306 making a splash

Chris West and Keith Hounslow make a little splash in their 1998 Peugeot 306 Maxi Kit Car on the way to a 1st place overall.

WRC Ford Fiesta

With John Stone driving and Jack Morton giving the directions they ended the day 2nd overall in their 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC 1600T.

Mk2 Ford Escort

3rd place overall went to Mark Kelly and Neil Colman in their Mk2 Ford Escort.

BMW E30 M3

It appeared like it was an early finish to the day for Nick Whale and Paul Spooner in their BMW E30 M3.

Proton Satria Millington

Anthony Robinson piloting this 2007 Proton Satria Millington while Mark Witherpsoon tells him which way to point it.

Lovely orange 1970 Mk1 Ford Escort of Roland and Stuart Brown.

1987 Audi Quattro 2000T

Tough looking 1987 Audi Quattro 2000T Driver: Ray Read Navigator: Stuart Anderson-Peters.

1986 BMW M3

Awesome Marlboro livered ’86 BMW M3 achieved 3rd in class overall.

That tough Audi Quattro 2000T handling one of the tightest stage corners – this is probably the only time you get to turn left out of the Brands Hatch pits.

The cutting room floor

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